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The Main Points

The Human Aspect

Grief and loss suffered by those who love their pet rabbits is as great as that suffered when they lose their dog.  Children are frequently involved and cry for their lost bunnies. Vets who have to euthanase rabbits suffer distress and feel unable to help.

Wild Rabbits Issue

*Domestic rabbits don’t survive in the wild for these reasons:

* they are caught again by their owners or others

* they are too delicate and also need specific food and care to live

* reliant on humans for their food and water – can’t find water – if they find a dog’s water the dog would kill them

* dogs kill them

*  run over by cars

* die from lack of shelter and stress

* long haired breeds fur would knot up and stop them being able to move about thus they would die

* In England the vaccinated domestic rabbits have no impact on the wild rabbit population who continue to die from the disease

*Wild rabbits have built up some immunity already and the Calicivirus is quicker and more effective as a culling virus

*Domestic rabbits are currently allowed to have the Calicivirus vaccine but not the Myxomatosis vaccine!

If you suspect that your rabbit has Myxomatosis you can view these videos of Rabbit Myxo cases. Myxomatosis videos will help you identify the symptoms

Protection of Pet Rabbits against the Myxomatosis disease

Fly Screening outdoor cages

Keep rabbits inside the house

Keep rabbits flea treated with either Revolution or Advantage