Myxomatosis Deadly Silent Rabbit Virus
-- protect your rabbit


Map of Myxomatosis Reported Outbreaks

Click to see a map showing outbreaks of Myxomatosis from previous years.

Coldstream, Victoria

Myxomatosis is still striking around Victoria with a reported case in Coldstream, VIC. 

Newcastle Myxo Outbreaks

We have a report of 7 confirmed cases of Myxomatosis in Newcastle. Keep your bunnies inside, mozzie and flea free.

Use Advantix for Dogs on back of neck to repel mozzies and kill fleas. Rate: 0.1 ml per kg of rabbit. Apply fortnightly. 




Tassie Myxo Warning

Myxomatosis located in Dodges Ferry, likely spanning from Acton down through South Arm way.

Also unconfirmed but highly likely case in Sandy Bay.

In both cases a wild rabbit with obvious myxo symptoms was found and taken to a vet to be humanely destroyed. This is on top of the recent release by Biosecurity Tas of calicivirus.

Thank you Kristy for the warning. Admin


Rabbits are being lost to Myxomatosis in an animal sanctuary known as "Big Ears" who rescued hundred of rabbits from a meat farm. 

Byron Bay

There is rabbit myxomatosis in Byron Bay NSW

Myxomatosis in Healesville, Yarra Valley VIC

Just letting everyone in the Yarra Valley know (Healesville) we have myxo. Reported by Corinne Baxter

Medowie, NSW

Wild rabbit found suffering Myxomatosis in Medowie, NSW. If you live near there keep your pet rabbits inside your home. Keep them flea and mozzie free.

Grafton NSW 2460

There are reported cases of myxomatosis in the Clarence Valley.

Clarenza NSW 2460

Riverbank Vet has seen two families with rabbits infected with Myxomatosis in Clarenze Grafton NSW.

Maclean NSW 2463

Two reported cases of Myxomatosis in Maclean NSW