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Myxomatosis News

There has been quite a bit of information in the media lately about Myxomatosis outbreaks around Australia.

Below are llinks to some of the articles.

Grafton NSW Myxomatosis Outbreak

Dr Chris Gough says that an immunised rabbit cannot pass on theĀ  Myxo virus to other rabbits nor to its own offspring.

Myxomatosis Outbreaks in Bendigo Victoria

Myxomatosis Outbreaks Press Release from The Pet Directory

Darebin Victoria Myxomatosis kills childs rabbit – Parents plead for vaccine

Give us Rabbit Vaccine says Karen Von Boingstrom

The Government’s response so far…

15 April 2011
Information on myxomatosis vaccine availability in Australia

There has been an increase in the rates of myxomatosis infection in rabbits in some areas.

The Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) has received enquiries from veterinarians and rabbit owners about the

availability of a vaccine to provide protection against myxomatosis.


Older Articles

Booming rabbit business at mercy of myxo
(an old article but reveals the issue of Myxomatosis in relation to agriculture)

MAXINE McKEW: Australians have long had a love-hate relationship with the rabbit.

In the Depression, it saved many a family from starvation, but by the ’40s, farmers were doing all they could to wipe rabbits out.

But now the bunny is making a comeback. Rabbits are big business. Thousands are sold each year as pets and rabbits are being farmed for meat.

But there’s a problem.

Although the Government has approved a vaccine for the calici virus, it’s illegal to vaccinate any rabbit, domestic or feral, for myxomatosis, and as Mark Bannerman reports, that has pet-lovers and some farmers hopping mad…